All about Malta gaming commission

Malta Gaming CommissionToday the sphere of online casino gambling should be obligatorily regulated. It is really a vast area, which includes thousands of gambling sites operating in absolutely different countries across the world. And the tempos of its growth show that the absence of regulation may lead to cheating and some other negative consequences. So today there are several reputable casino regulative bodies which may be trusted. One of them is Malta gaming commission.

Malta commission is one of the most reputable bodies today, which grants the licenses to online casinos. It was established at Malta in 2000 under the Public Lotto Ordinance. It also made possible to establish the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, which has a right to give out the permissions to gambling sites. in May, 2005 the Malta Remote Gaming Council was also elected. In fact, this authority is eligible to check the work of sites by several criteria, which are grouped into so-called the Remote Gambling Regulations.

Today Malta gaming commission provides for four classes of licenses. Class one covers online casino operators, class 2 – sport betting sites, class 3 is for advertisement sphere and class 4 – for online casino hosts and managers. In general, it covers the whole sphere of gaming and has a direct relation to online gambling. In fact, the licenses are granted for 5 years, and an agency should not only pay MTL 1.000 for an application, but also a fee at the rate of 0.5% from a year profit. In fact, license obtained at Malta is a sign of a guarantee of honesty and security for players and like a mark of excellence. That’s why many sites would like to be licensed exactly here. Moreover, Malta always takes into consideration propositions which are widely discussed at the forum.

But how does it manage to reach such high standards? It happens thanks to strict rules of examination of Malta gaming commission. The whole process of examination has three stages. The first one is called “Fit and Proper”. This is a preliminary stage during which a commission finds out the suitability of an applicant. Certainly, the involment into litigation and references from the bank are necessary. If everything’s allright, then the commission passes to the second stage of evaluation, which is called “Business and Technical Ability Assessment”. At this stage the software is checked. It should be reliable and safe. Moreover, the payout percent and its correspondence with reality is important. Certainly, the work with clients and its business is structure is not ignored. And the third stage of examination is “Compliance Audit”. These three stages allow players to be sure that they won’t be deceived by this gambling site.

Moreover, there is an additional guarantee, as all licensed at Malta sites should be the members of the European Gaming and Betting Operators. And it has its own rules and it also checks the work of its members. Such double-check leaves nothing unnoticed.

So Malta gaming commission is really one of the best commissions of that kind. It is also proved by the fact that it was added to the white list of the United Kingdom. Check its quality yourself!