Brief Review of Curacao Gaming Commission

Curacao Gaming CommissionThe importance of the regulation of online gambling sphere is known both to gamblers and online casino operators. That’s why today there are several gaming jurisdictions, which give out the licenses and control how the rules are met by an applicant. One of such jurisdictions with unstained reputation is Curacao Gaming Commission.

Curacao is an Overseas Country and Territory of the Netherlands and it started functioning as online gambling jurisdiction in 1993 being one of the first in this sphere. However, the issuing of licenses began only in 1996. Today it is considered to be one of the best and most respected regulators with strict rules and control over this industry. Curacao Gaming Commission is also famous by having an advocate and information clearing house such as Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA), which was established in 2001. CIGA in its turn is a member of Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). These facts only add to the reputation of this gaming commission, as each body has a set of special rules.

Together CIGA and Curacao Gaming Commission closely control over 30 online casinos among them you will find popular and highly reputable ones. Beyond all doubts, their main target is to be sure that all licensees meet necessary requirements and rules, which have been stipulated. The requirements involve various aspects and protect an online casino as well as the gamblers playing there. Any casino player will feel confident choosing a gambling site with the license from Curacao Gaming Commission.

What are these requirements about? They are rather strict and all of them should be definitely met. Everything begins with the registration at the Netherlands Antilles Chamber of Commerce. Such registration makes an applicant legal at the territory. After it is registered, the Curacao Department of Justice makes a careful investigation of an online casino what can take up to 6 weeks, as the Department has to pay attention to many details. And then an applicant should pay a large sum of money to get a license. Such measures are necessary to protect gamblers and gambling sites.

Moreover, the Curacao Department of Justice pointed out Cyberluck Curacao, which had been a great provider of e-gaming services since 1996, to be the Master Licensing Authority. With this purpose Cyberluck Curacao developed special software, what makes the process of licensing clear and more convenient for the applicants. With the help of this software a provider and network operators can observe licensees through a confidential probity process. Moreover, it allows managing gaming licenses as well as hosting and IT structure. Such preliminary observation and the opportunity to change the mistakes helps to avoid unnecessary problems.

Curacao is highly reputable and it has already given out licenses to online casinos from different countries. Today it is in a white list of the UK, what is one more guarantee of honesty and excellent level of work and service of Curacao Gaming Commission.