Antigua and Barbuda online gambling jurisdiction

Licensing is the most important question for online casinos and for gamblers, as only in this case they can be sure, that the process of gaming will be safe and secure. Beginners should pay attention to it at first, as it may influence the whole process of playing games. However, not all online gambling jurisdictions are reputable and worth of attention, so it is necessary to know about the trusted and well-known companies in this sphere.

Online Gambling Jurisdiction
There are certain countries today, which have a permission to issue the licenses to online gambling from different countries in the world. And one of the most reputable gambling jurisdictions for today is Antigua and Barbuda, which is an island country, situated in Caribbean. In fact, it was the first country, which started issuing licenses and regulating the operation of online casinos. It happened in 1994, just a few years later after the invention of the first gambling site. Everyone realized the necessity of regulation in this sphere, thus the government of Antigua and Barbuda decided to do it to invest into the development of the economy.

In fact, regulative body of Antigua and Barbuda has the Division of Gaming in the jurisdiction, which has been established under the Financial Services Regulatory Commission. So today it controls the activity of online casinos according to the strict online gambling law. In fact, all gambling sites are classified as financial institutions and are subject to following the strict laws such as Anti-Money Laundering and Caribbean Financial Action Task Force. These two laws certainly help to take under the control all money transactions and prevent the cases of money laundering.

Currently more than 50 gambling sites are licensed by Antigua and Barbuda gambling jurisdictions, and the majority of them are powered by Playtech. So what is necessary for an online casino to do to obtain a license here? First of all, the representatives of Antigua and Barbuda will carefully examine everything connected with money transactions, so that they should be clear and transparent and a gambling site should pay off the winnings right in time.

The next moment that really matters is the enhancement of online gambling industry. So online casinos should care about the quality of gaming and provide players with the best features and options. And the third is a player protection. Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction has even worked out a procedure called “Know Your Customer”. It means that each account should be carefully protected and should meet all necessary rules and regulations. And if an online casino passes through all three stages of testing, then it will be granted a license.

Antigua and Barbuda came across certain difficulties after the UIGEA law was passed in the United States, but World Trade Organization managed to settle the question to the favor of online gambling jurisdiction. It is also in a “white list” in the UK, so people from almost all countries around the world may safely play in online casinos licensed in Antigua and Barbuda.